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Discover your purpose

GROWTH TRACK is our membership track where you will learn the DNA of Life Church, how we bring that mission to reality, discover your God-given gifts, and join a serving team. Growth Track is conveniently offered online.


Growth Track at Life Church is a guide to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. Through our 3 steps, Growth Track invites you to encounter Jesus, discover your purpose, get equipped with resources, and be empowered to serve. 

You'll complete Growth Track in 3 steps—offered ON DEMAND, 24/7. You can expect relevant and encouraging teachings from our Growth Track Pastoral team.


After you've completed all 3 steps, and have the results of your Spiritual Gifts assessment (from step 2), you'll be ready to fill out the SERVE form to connect with one of our Serve Teams! We can't wait for you to join the team. There is a place for you!


stepONE – Finding Out Who We Are

stepTWO – Finding Out Who You Are

stepTHREE – Finding Out My Purpose

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