Getting married at life church

Congratulations on your engagement! We are excited to partner with you as you begin to plan for your wedding day and, more importantly, your future as a married couple.


As you enter into the most intimate human relationship created by God, it's important for you and your fiancé to lay a strong foundation for your future by:


​Trusting in Christ as your personal Savior

Committing to Pre-marital Counseling

Practicing purity by abstaining from sexual activity and living separately until your wedding


This process is designed to help you build a Christ-centered marriage that will last a lifetime by using Godly principles and time-tested skills and tools.  Life Church provides pre-marital counseling by one of our qualified pastors and a pastor to officiate your ceremony.

Our Nazareth, Macungie, and St. Paul's auditoriums are available for ceremonies as our calendar of events permits.


We believe that God’s word is the foundation for our beliefs and practices. We believe that God created marriage as a covenant with God between one man and one woman.

(Matthew 19:4-6)


For those of you who have already made the commitment of marriage and are in need of marriage counseling, or you would like to renew your vows our pastors are available for that as well.


Please complete a “Request” below for pre marital counseling, a wedding request, and/or marriage counseling.


Life Church offers three locations: Macungie, Nazareth, and Allentown. Date requests are subject to availability. 50% of fees are to be paid once your date is approved. The remaining 50% is due in full 15 days prior to your date. 


Officiating Pastor                $200–$250 Pending Wedding details

                                             (Offsite $200 + $.53/mile if over 20 miles) 


PMC                                     $100 / 6 Sessions (includes: workbooks)


Security Deposit                 $100 Covers late charge if more than 10 minutes late

                                             (To be returned within 7 business days after event if applicable) 


Production Personnel        $75/ person (minimum 1 person)


Ops                                      $75/ person (minimum 1 person)

Facility Use                          $75/ hour (minimum 2 hours) 


Cancellation Fee                $50 non-refundable if you cancel once your date was approved  


Who will officiate our wedding?

One of our pastors who are licensed to officiate weddings. You may request a pastor that you would like; however, please be aware that each pastor has a unique schedule and may not be available for your specific date.  Be advised that due to their schedules and responsibilities, Pastors Randy and Maribel do not normally officiate ceremonies.


Will Life Church or its ministers perform a wedding for a same-sex couple?

We believe that God’s Word is the foundation for our beliefs and practices. We believe that God created marriage as a covenant with God between one man and one woman. (Matthew 19:4-6). Therefore, Life Church and its ministers will not perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.


Do you offer Premarital Counseling?

Yes, premarital counseling is required in order to have one of our pastors officiate the ceremony and to use our facilities.  Your counseling will be lead by one of our qualified pastors. Four sessions must be completed prior to the ceremony. Our counseling is designed to equip you and your future spouse with all God has in store for a healthy, well balanced, successful marriage.



Can we have our reception at Life Church?

In 2020 the fellowship hall at St. Paul's will be available to reserve for a reception.