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Check your kids in for church from wherever you are.

We’ve worked hard to create an easy, fast, and secure check in process for your family—now available at ALL of our Life Church campuses! 
Below, we’ve included a step-by-step on how you can take advantage of this convenient system each week.

STEP 1: Download the Church Center App

The Church Center App is an extension of Planning Center, our church management database. This app allows you to browse your campus website, sign up for events, listen to sermon audio, easily GIVE, and utilize Family Pre-Check to check your child in for Kids Life before ever stepping in the doors!


STEP 2: Select your Life Church campus as your church

• Open the Church Center App and click the “Get Started” button

• Select the option to “Use My Location” for your church

• Type “Life Church” in the name field

• Hit “Search” and select the Life Church campus icon from the list

• Then select “This Is My Church”

STEP 3: Create or Login To Your Planning Center Account

• Enter your mobile phone number

• You will be texted a 6-digit login code to your mobile phone

• Enter that 6-digit login code to the Church Center App

• f you already have a Planning Center login, you will be given the option to select that user profile.

• If you are new to Planning Center, this will be where you will create a profile.

• The Church Center App will remember your login information.

STEP 4: Use Family Pre-Check This Sunday!

This Sunday, open the Church Center App and click on the Kids Check-In tab. You can then select our Kids Life services and which family members you are wanting to check-in. Our system will automatically place your child in the right classroom based on grade & age.


Family Pre-Check is available on SUNDAY MORNINGS only. You cannot check in prior to Sunday. 

After selecting the family members to check-in, select “Next”. You will then receive a QR code that will be available until after you physically check-in your child on campus.

When you arrive on campus, you can go directly to your child's classroom. The team will scan your QR code – a completely touchless process!

This will print your child’s check-in tag, the security label to securely check-out your child after service, and a bag/item tag if needed.

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