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We are unapologetically for the Next Generation.

"After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel. —Judges 2:10 NLT

We're committed to raising up the next generation of Jesus followers and disciples. Our mission for them is to have an everyday faith that Loves God, Loves people, and does something. We want the generations now and to come to know Jesus intimately, to remember all the great things the Lord has done, and to tell others about it! 

(Grades 7–12)

We are a community for youth in Middle and High School that desires to learn, develop, and grow in God's love.​ Each of our campuses offer a weekly experience for youth that involves strong, relevant teaching with a diverse community.  We're all about JESUS, COMMUNITY, and FUN!

This isn't babysitting—it's ministry! We believe that teaching children to love God and others occurs at home as well as at church. Through fun experiences, meaningful music and ministry that encourages kids to participate, we present Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget. The key is to love God, love children, and do something! Each of our locations have an incredible KIDS LIFE team, and offer full experiences on Sundays for kids from babies up to 6th grade)

(Nursery & PreK / K-3)
(PreTeen: 4,5,6)

Liza Rangel - _MG_9845.jpg

(Most Valuable Person)

Our vision at Life Church is to help all people advance in their relationship with Jesus and this includes people of all ages and ability levels. Our MVP (Most Valuable person) Ministry exists to glorify God by helping individuals with disabilities and their families advance in their relationship with Jesus by meeting individual needs. We desire to make those with disabilities and their families feel like a most valuable person(s) by helping to empower individuals with disabilities to get involved in our existing Kids Life and Youth programs available for their age group, with the aid of a personal 1:1 buddy or peer. 

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Being a young adult can be hard, and even harder doing it alone. Find a sense of belonging in one of our small groups for young adults.

Young Adults
(ages 18-29)

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